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Cedar Island
Forest Products Limited

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Jeff Johal
Tel: (604) 723-7401

Fence Panels & Cedar Boards:
Manjit Jagpal
Tel: (604) 961-2459

Faxes can be sent to (604) 525-7449

North American & International Sales:
Kenneth Swartz
Tel: (778) 397-0323 or (604) 328-5229
Email: ken.swartz@cedarislandreman.com

Shipping/Receiving & General Inquiries:
Angus Johal
Tel: (604) 525-7441
Email: angus.johal@cedarislandreman.com

Thank you for visiting Cedar Island Forest Products Limited, your reliable lumber provider and producer of fence panels in Vancouver. Please visit us again at cedarislandforestproductsltd.com for more information about our products and services. We are here to help.

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