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About Cedar Island Forest Products Limited

Cedar Island Re-manufacturing has been in the lumber and fence panels business in Vancouver since 1994. As one of the first independent re-manufacturing plants in the lower mainland, we have had the opportunity to grow with the cedar business.

Staring at our quaint re-manufacturing plant in Surrey, BC to our now large 10 acre plant in New Westminster BC and the ability to produce 130,000 bfm per planer, we have had the privilege to produce product for some of the top cedar producers in British Columbia. The products produced at our mill can be found at retailers all over North America and Asia.

At Cedar Island in Vancouver, we are not limited to just the production of cedar. Finished Hemlock and Douglas Fir are also produced at our facility along with our fence panel division. Diversity has always been a key to our success.

At Cedar Island Forest Products in Vancouver, we are big on quality and with over 100 years of experience in our management team we understand the importance of value.

Thank you for visiting Cedar Island Forest Products Limited, your reliable lumber provider and producer of fence panels in Vancouver. Please visit us again at cedarislandforestproductsltd.com for more information about our products and services. We are here to help.

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